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Bikini Babes -

There you are on the sunny beach in the middle of summer with you and your beer drinking buddies.  Then you see her – coming out of the water, slowly, just like in that movie "10."   She emerges and the water glistens off her bronze skin, all the way down the cleavage of her round and perfectly formed breasts.  She hooks a thumb through her bikini and gives you a look that says if you came near her you better be careful, because you will be eaten by a shark! Jason, 24, a dude from St. Petersburg, knows exactly what the heck we are talking about.

"I was on spring break and we were at Daytona Beach," Jason told SG.  "Man, I never saw so many hot single girls in bikinis in my life….  It was like they were there for the picking and they were all sexy as hell.  I met this one girl, Tammy, who was a waitress at some swanky club on A1A Avenue in SoBe (South Beach).  Man, I had never had my world rocked like I did that night.  It was that black two-piece bikini that barely covered her that really got me going….Here's to bikini babes!"


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